Edit and Re-edit

While in New York last week I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Spotted this couple on the east tower and thought there was a good shot there. Didn’t want to seem obvious but got a few shots and two captured what I saw in my head.

These are the originals.

The first one wasn’t too bad and it was fairly easy to just crop the guy to the left out. The second one was hard to crop so I turned to PhotoShop to just cut him out. The content aware fill worked really well.

Then I had seen these as old sepia looking pictures so I tried that. First attempts weren’t bad for a fairly fast job but the couple was a bit too dark and pictures too grainy after some second looks.

Decided to try again with more focus on the couple by increasing the exposure around them while dropping it every where else and reduced grain. That worked pretty good but then the lights in the buildings off to the right and in the center started to really stand out in ways that weren’t so obvious in the original edits. Had to fix that and the car tail lights that had become a distraction. Back to PhotoShop for a combination of content aware fill and healing brush work.

Not sure these will be the final edits but I’m pretty happy so far.

Updated 5/27/2019

Final(?) edits