Shooting a full moon last night

I’ve never been happy with my shots of a full moon. I’ve gotten good results with non-full moons but nothing I’ve liked with a full moon. Last night I decided to try to follow Tony Northrup’s instructions to see what I got.

I was shooting my Canon M6 on manual. ISO 100, 1/60 second f/8.0 with a Tokina 400mm lens, tripod mounted shutter fired by remote. Manual focus.

I stacked seven images using Registax and Tony’s wavelet presets. My first attempt at stacking the results didn’t come out like I wanted. Continue reading “Shooting a full moon last night”

EOS M6 High ISO Performance

So far I’m pretty impressed with the high ISO performance on my EOS M6. Makes me not worry too much about auto ISO.

I took these yesterday at Anheuser-Busch in St Louis. The high ISO shots are pretty usable without any noise clean up. Better with it but usable without it.

ISO 12800 without cleanup
ISO 12800 with +30 luminance noise reduction in Lightroom
ISO 12800 without cleanup
ISO 12800 with +25 luminance noise reduction in Lightroom

New York Edits

I’m finally getting around to learning more about Photoshop via Tony and Chelsea Northrup’s Photoshop Essentials book and videos. I’ve been looking over old photos I was never quite happy with and working on them as I learn. I hit a few of my New York pictures from 2015 and was able to make some changes that I think made them far more acceptable pictures.

Learning my new EOS M6

Took my new EOS M6 to the Huntsville Havoc game last night.

Got some decent stuff even from the general admissions seats. Even managed to get a few focused well through the safety net once I switched to manual focus although the focus peaking on the net still caused some problems.

Tried a lot of manual with the speed and aperture set and just let the ISO float as needed. The white threw things off and a lot were under exposed by about 2/3 of a stop but not bad and all fixable.

Pretty much all cropped in since the 18-150mm isn’t quite enough to really reach out and get close.